Converse Family Reunion

June 24th-June 26th, 2022 It was a great honor to be invited by the Converse family to be a guest and speaker at their family reunion this past weekend in Malden, Massachusetts. The family initially planned to gather in 2020 to mark the two-hundredth birthday of Elisha Converse, but had to reschedule until this year.Continue reading “Converse Family Reunion”

Perseverance and the anniversary of revealing my novel to the world

For eight years, I toiled away on my book. An English literature major in college, my goal in life was to eventually become a novelist. It took a while but I never gave up my dream. I kept the book-in-progress mostly to myself, afraid of the cliche of being middle-aged with a half-finished manuscript gainingContinue reading “Perseverance and the anniversary of revealing my novel to the world”