My first book signing and the first opportunity to buy a signed paperback version of my novel is coming up in a couple of weeks.

The City of Malden is holding six Summer Festivals on Saturdays along Pleasant Street in Malden Square. There will a variety of food and entertainment. Here is a link with information and dates:

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson and the terrific members of his staff including Kevin Duffy and Kathleen Manning Hall, have been extremely generous and supportive of my novel’s release. I am very grateful. They have offered me a tent and a table to sell and sign my book during these events. The first festival is coming up soon, this Saturday, June 12th.

However, there wasn’t enough time for me to have copies printed and shipped for this event. The next festival will be held on June 26th and I will have a good stock of books ready to go! My table will be within feet of the location of the crime depicted in my novel, Abel Bodied: Murder at the Malden Bank. The First Murder During a Bank Robbery in American History.

The festival is scheduled from 12 P.M. to 6 P.M. I plan to be able to sell the first copy right at noon and stay as long as there is interest and I have books to sell and sign. I have priced the book after the year of the murder, at $18.63. The sales tax brings the cost up to $19.79 so my autograph or any inscription you ask for will only cost you 21 cents if want to pay with a twenty dollar bill! My handwriting is not superb so the cost seems about right!

I will also have custom bookmarks to sell for $1. If you buy the signed book with a twenty dollar bill, I will include the bookmark for free but you can also purchase the book and bookmarks with a credit or debit card if you choose.

I hope to see you there if you are able to attend this event or any of the festivals that follow. There will also be a signing event in the Malden Public Library, the building given by Elisha and Mary Converse to the city in memorial to their slain son, Frank, the murder victim in my novel. I am not sure of the date yet but it will be close to official release of the novel on July 12th.

It will be an honor to hold this event in the library that inspired my love of reading and my motivation to become a writer myself. It will also be very humbling to sell my novel in such a hallowed hall where the portraits of the parents and their son, who was taken from them at the tender age of seventeen, hang in a beautiful art gallery. I am presenting the library with three copies of the novel. Knowing that my book about such a tragic event in my hometown’s history will be on its shelves and shared with the people of the city is truly wonderful!

The City of Malden has informed me of some other exciting plans they have in connection with my novel and the story of the Converse murder. These plans completely astounded me! When the city is ready to make these announcements, I will share them with you!

Thanks so much again for your interest and wonderful reactions to my the release of my novel!

Michael Cloherty

2 thoughts on “My first book signing and the first opportunity to buy a signed paperback version of my novel is coming up in a couple of weeks.

  1. Hello- Very excited about your book!! I can’t wait to read it. I live in Florida now, so I was wondering how to order it by mail. Thank you. Carol Chisholm

    Hi Carol, hope you are well! You should be able to order on Amazon for paperback presale hopefully by next week. Book will not be for sale until release date of July 12th. Then please, go to bookstore near where you live and request they order it so you can purchase from them in that date. Thank you so much!


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