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As I type this, on a Wednesday evening, it is hours away from the anniversary of the pivotal day in my novel, Abel Bodied: Murder at the Malden Bank.

December 15, 1863 was the day seventeen-year-old Frank Converse was shot and killed in the first murder during a bank robbery in American history.

I published the novel in the summer of 2021 after eight years of researching and writing and re-writing and re-writing. It was a long eight years but a rewarding sense of accomplishment to finish and publish.

Last year on this date that has become very important to me, I visited Frank’s grave in Woodlawn Cemetery and left roses there in the morning. That evening at Hugh O’Neill’s pub, dressed as Postmaster Edward Green, I read the chapter which contained the murder. The pub was once the location of the post office where Green worked. On that fateful day, he walked from that spot to the bank across the street and killed his friend Frank and stole $5000.

At this event, my first numbered signed hardcover of Abel Bodied was auctioned off for $90 to our local food bank, Bread of Life. Proceeds from the next sixteen hardcovers sold were also donated. This was to honor the seventeen years Frank had lived and represent the charity of his parents, Elisha and Mary towards the City of Malden. After the tragic loss of their son, they built the Converse Memorial Library and bestowed it to citizens under a trust. The Converses amassed a great wealth since Elisha who became Malden’s first mayor, was also a great industrialist running the Boston Rubber Shoe Company also left public parks like Pine Banks and Fellsmere Park to the city. I wanted to commemorate the day of Frank’s death as a Converse Day of Giving.

This year, my plan was to lower the cost of my book as much as I could so more people could purchase it and read it. With the help of Peter Caso, I created this video stating the Trade Paperback price would be $9.99 and the eBook would be $1.99 on December 15th.

Having never done a Amazon Countdown Deal, I waited too long to lower the price of the eBook in time – so unfortunately it will priced at $5.99 on the anniversary date. However, to make up for this mistake, it will priced at $1.99 on Friday, December 16th all the way through Friday, December 23rd! So instead of a one day promotion it is for an entire week!

Thanks for your support and understanding!




My next blog will be about collaborating with Bone Up Brewing on making a beer connected to Abel Bodied!

Stay tuned!

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